The hands of this soulful healer are magic. She envelops you in a rhythm of unabashed, unadulterated nurturance, instinctively sensing both your physical and emotional needs. You don't get "worked on", you are "worked with". And it is this flow, along with her honed skills and natural talent that create pure bliss. All massages feel good, but what you get with Jaina is on an entirely different level. A session with her is a powerful experience of real transformation....muscles relaxed and released and a sense of emotional well-being that lingers long after your session concludes.

Donna Sherman

Before entering Jaina's practice, I expected to have my muscles loosened up and perhaps doze off a bit. The experience, however, was so much more than that. When she was carefully treating one body part after another, it felt as if she was taking me on a journey through my own body, making me aware of tensions or pressures that I hadn't noticed, such as wrists and hips. The entire session was a very mindful experience and I came out of the room not only looser, but also harmonious and at peace.

Stephanie Berger

Prior to seeing Jaina, I had pain and discomfort from old sports injuries, and suffered from frequent headaches due to stress and tension from my work as a teacher. I have been her client for several years now and the benefits are hugely noticeable and ongoing. I no longer have pain and rarely, if ever, have headaches. Jaina provides an exceptional level of service and attention to detail, from the consultations to the massages tailored to suit my needs. Her caring, professional nature, teamed with her familiarity with my body and lifestyle, have enabled me to be a more balanced and harmonious person, both physically and mentally. I have more energy and am better able to deal with stress.

Eileen Littorin, Teacher


I am most amazed by her hands. They don't look big, but they feel big. Her hands have a way of cradling the muscles perfectly and releasing any tension contained within. I have had both Thai/Shiatsu and Deep Tissue and each is amazing.

Jason Kessler

Jaina's Thai/Shiatsu massage was a truly uplifting experience. The treatment itself was sheer pleasure but the next day I also noticed an opening of emotional channels in a way I hadn't expected. The effects are definitely lasting.

Emily Goodman, Registered Nurse, Certified Yoga Instructor

Regular massages with Jaina were a necessary antidote to hours of pouring over books and computer screens while writing my dissertation. I ’ d tried a couple of other massage therapists and she was no doubt the best. She was able to adjust her touch based on whatever I was feeling that day, she “ takes direction ” and was very receptive to adapting her technique when I injured my shoulders. I ’ d definitely recommend her to anyone trying to relieve stress or work through stiffness!


Jaina's compassion and focus as a massage therapist is exceptional. We had a thoughtful and thorough consultation about the source of my stress, and she catered the massage to my emotional and physical needs. Afterwards, I was rejuvenated and relaxed both physically and mentally and her work helped me immensely in my difficult situation.

Melody Easton

Jaina has a very deep knowledge of the human body, both in how it is constructed and how to get it out of pain. I have 2 herniated discs that require a lot of pain management, and Jaina was able to help me quite effectively. We started the session with a through conversation around the location of my pain, my daily habits, and the quality of my pain so she knew she was working on the right areas in the most effective and relaxed manner. She has a deep knowledge of aromatherapy and used different scents throughout the session, which was quite lovely. I'd definitely go back! Try her!

Martha Denton

I feel like I'm a different person now. That was the best Deep Tissue massage I've ever had! Pressure level, speed, tempo, rhythm everything was in perfect harmony. Besides that her touch was so soothing. I can't appreciate her work more!

Atsuhiko Kawamura, Licensed Massage Therapist , Reflexologist